Never too early to book a date with Lulu

It's a few years now since a wee number entitled 'Shout' first hit the world of popular music.

But the meteoric career it launched back in the far-off days of the Swinging Sixties is still going strong.

That particular song was first aired in 1964, and was one of the undoubted star turns of the 2014 Commonwealth Games, when Lulu returned - with a Boom bang-a-bang – to her native city.

Now the advanced publicity for an all-new Lulu show is promising fans her biggest production yet.

Inevitably it will be a rollercoaster retrospective through her hits from no less than five decades., but with more recent material too.

She is performing in both Motherwell (November 9) and Lanark (November 11) during her packed tour schedule of the UK later this year.

The Motherwell show, tickets £35, is at, where else, the Civic Centre, and the Lanark performance is at the Memorial Hall, tickets £29.


The contact number to book for Motherwell is 01698 403120 and for Lanark it’s 01555 667999.