New action group set to fight fracking plans

Torrance anti-fracking campaignersTorrance anti-fracking campaigners
Torrance anti-fracking campaigners
Residents have formed an action group to oppose fracking after hearing that a company wants to carry out the controversial practice in their village.

Ruth Dunster, from Torrance, was horrified to discover that Ineos Upstream Ltd are considering shale gas extraction (‘fracking’) in the village.

As well as setting up the action group she has started a Scotland-wide petition which got hundreds of signatures within the first three days.

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The petition ‘Tell Fergus Ewing To Ban Fracking in Scotland’ is on the Facebook page, Torrance Fracking Say No.

Ruth said: “Torrance is a beautiful, special place. I go out running regularly along the river Kelvin just five minutes’ walk away from my house, and I meet a lot of people walking their dogs or just enjoying nature there.

“I can’t bear to see the beauty of the Kelvin Valley being destroyed and lost for good.

“It does us all so much good to have unspoilt nature on our doorstep here. That’s why I’ve got together with like-minded people in Torrance to start Torrance Fracking Say No.

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“Recent research has shown that fracking installations have caused chemical spills, serious levels of land and water pollution, unsightly noisy industrial development, falling property prices, damage to tourism, had a knock-on-effect on local businesses and even earth tremors.”

She added: Other issues include employment. Fracking is automated and creates only a small number of jobs. Some jobs may also suffer in local businesses if tourist revenue falls.

“And new technologies - this is a time of opportunity for Scotland. Norway generates 99 per cent of its energy from wave power so the technology is there if we choose it. We don’t have to use dirty energy and we don’t need toxic industrial development.”

Torrance Fracking Say No were due to hold a meeting in the villge on Monday evening (November 2(.

For more information visit their Facebook page, Torrance Fracking Say No, or email [email protected].