New deadline for voter registration in Glasgow

Glasgow City Council has had to apologise to voters and extend the registration deadline after reminders from the Electoral Registration office were sent out late, giving people only a few days to register.

With new registers due to be published soon, the council issued reminder letters to those who had not responded in January, asking them to submit information by February 6.

A spokesman said the council had become aware that some of those letters only arrived early last week, giving recipients very little time to respond. The new deadline for responding is Friday, February 20.

Electoral Registration Officer Hugh Munro said: “We are sorry if anyone has received this letter late and has been worried about not having time to respond.

“Our focus is always on making sure people are registered to vote so, while we have asked our contractor to urgently investigate why the letters had been delayed, our first priority is to ensure anyone affected knows that they still have time. In most cases, voters received a letter advising them that they had been automatically transferred onto the new register – but around one-in-five were asked to provide more information to verify their identity.

“New and easier ways to register were also made available with many choosing to submit their details online for the first time.”

Meanwhile, national legislation means people can be fined for ignoring the request but Mr Munro was quick to reassure readers: “If you are in that position, there is no need to worry. You will not be fined, but you do need to act now.

“We are extending the window during which you can confirm your personal details with us, either online, by phone or by post.”

For the first time, UK electoral registration is being carried out on an individual, rather than household, basis.

The process began in Scotland immediately after September’s Independence Referendum. The quickest way to register is online at or by phoning 0141 287 4444. You will need to know your National Insurance number.