New hopital beds needed in Clydesdale

ROADMEETINGS Hospital in Carluke is now reaching the end of its working life.

But the new Clydesdale community hospital — planned to replace both it and the Lockhart in Lanark — has still not even been given a starting date on NHS Lanarkshire's building programme.

As a result, the Health Board is looking at temporary measures including the possibility of building new wards at Roadmeetings in Carluke or creating a new annexe at the Lockhart site.

"It is an interim move," said a Board spokewoman this week. "We cannot wait indefinitely at Roadmeetings."

Meetings have already been held with staff and families to gauge their initial concerns.

In a consultation newsletter sent out to those involved, NHS Lanarkshire stated: "Evidence demonstrates that there is a

sustained need for 20 complex end-of-life beds.

"NHS Lanarkshire is now developing options for their future provision."

The Board is now looking at several options. These include:

* Refurbishing the existing Roadmeetings building for the smaller number of beds;

* Demolishing the existing management office at Roadmeetings and building a new 20-bed facility on that part of the site;

* Building a new 20 bed facility beside the Lockhart Hospital,

connected by a covered walkway to the hospital;

* Extending the existing wards at Lockhart by the creation of two annexes and by internal modifications to the existing wards.

A project group, which includes staff and public representatives, has been established to examine these options.

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