New Year resolutions

By editor Jackie Mitchell

I KNOW, I know, resolutions are so last year. But out of interest – and seeing quite how long we keep at them – I decided to ask around the office for their resolutions.

Stacey Mullen, Kilsyth reporter and social media wizard, is giving up Facebook for a month. She’s still getting her hit on the work account, but there will be no new statuses for her friends for all of January.

Cumbernauld reporter Clare Grant has already fulfilled her last year’s wish, to pass her driving test. In 2013 she plans to get out driving more and more. Neil Smith, chief reporter, plans to do his utmost not to do anything different. Sign of a happy man, that.

And Cumbernauld reporter Neil McGrory says his only resolution is to come up with a NY resolution for 2014.

For myself I am a bit (bit!) guilty of being a couch potato, and a definite fairweather fitness freak. Time to dig out the fitness DVDs and get back on my bike, so you’ll all be seeing less of me in 2013, I hope. Happy New Year everyone!

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