Only one true Bru for Biffy Clyro

SCOTS rockers Biffy Clyro have found out that while LA might have the sun, sea and sand, it doesn’t have Cumbernauld’s most famous export – IRN BRU.

The lads made an emergency call to AG Barr this week in an appeal for the some of the orange stuff as they recorded their next album in America,.

The lads then tweeted the company to say their thanks with a picture of singer Simon Neil next to the bottles.

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The band’s manager, Neil Anderson, said: “Despite the appeal of LA’s beaches, sunshine, culture, amazing food and everything else you’d associate with the city, the lack of Irn-Bru was a problem. 

“The prospect of our residence in California was tainted with a grey cloud – and we knew that something orange would brighten our stay.”