Time for a rock n roll auction

The snow has barely melted, and yet I find myself doing a bit of a spring clearout.

This is thanks to my doing some DJing (on which I will doubtless drone on about in the coming weeks).

Unfortunately, my record and CD collection hasn’t been reorganised since the last spell on the decks, necessitating a serious re-organisation of my home office/CD landfill site. Sadly, there’s nothing duller than alphabetisation, so my attention is soon drawn towards, well, anything really.

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My gaze comes to rest upon the cork noticeboard, sporting a selection of lanyards, badges, and a couple of hand-written setlists from the ’90s.

Which reminds me of an article: “Ten items from rock history that any musician would trade their best kidney/first born/soul for”.

Among these goodies was Kraftwerk’s vocoder, which created the Cher-with-a-cold robot voice on ‘Auto-bahn’, there was also a Led Zep drum kit which went for $161,060, and the ultimate rock relic might be the former home of Joy Division singer Ian Curtis, which is now set to become a museum. Which got me thinking – what I could flog for my old age?

Sadly, not much, which is why you are reading this instead of a better-written piece with ‘Stuart is away’ at the end.

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