Bridging the gaps in Cumbernauld

North Lanarkshire Council helped Cumbernauld bridge a few gaps after work was finally completed on a number of overhead footpaths.

The Darroch Way bridge, over the Wilderness Brae, and the Corbiston Way bridge, which connects Carbrain to Cumbernauld High School, had both been under construction since last year.

The Darroch Way bridge was in bad need of repair after being struck by a lorry and the Corbiston bridge was closed to undergo refurbishment work.

Both bridges have recently been re-opened, opening up the footpaths for public access once again, and removing the eye-sore of construction work from around the structures.

Robin Jack, Business Manager (Roads and Structures Design) with North Lanarkshire Council said: “The Darroch Way and Corbiston footbridges in Cumbernauld were closed in the summer last year for major refurbishment works.

“Temporary footbridges were in place while the permanent structures were closed.

“The contract was due to be completed by 9 December 2011 however, due to unforeseen circumstances, it was extended.

“Darroch Way footbridge was re-opened to pedestrians on 16 December 2011 while the Corbiston footbridge was re-opened to pedestrians on 23 January 2012.

“Minor finishing works will continue for a short time.

“This is common practice in the construction industry, and road users will not be inconvenienced by these works.”

Further good news was also announced by Westfield Community Council last week after additional fencing was attached to the Red Bridge joining Condorrat with the far end of Westfield.

The community council had campaigned since the construction of the M80 upgrade that the safety measures and fencing on the approach to the bridge were sub-standard and could result in children or animals getting onto the motor way, causing a crash.

Westfield Community Council treasurer Billy Lees said: “It’s very secure now. I’m really pleased that all our work has done something good to make the bridge safe.”