Can you solve Kilsyth woman’s pictures poser?

DO you see anyone you know in these pictures?

If so, Kilsyth woman Anne Russell would love to hear from you.

The Rennie Road resident was sent these images by her second cousin, Connie Crumpacker, who lives in California, USA.

Connie’s maiden name is Laverty, and these photographs belonged to her late father, Peter Bow Laverty, who lived in Charles Street from 1908 and the Kingston interior from 1928, before moving on to America.

The image of the lady pictured here is simply labelled, ‘Wife’. There is also a picture of two men is marked as, ‘George Burns and my brother Jock’, while a third picture, below, is simply denoted as, ‘Wife and baby’.

If you have any information that could help Anne solve the mystery, please contact us by clicking here with “mystery Kilsyth pictures” in the subject line.

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