Expat chat

The News and Chronicle catches up witj local people who have moved away from the area – sometimes very far away – and finds out what they are up to now. This week: Stephen Ferguson of Cumbernauld and now Tiwi Island.

What’s your name? Stephen Ferguson.

Where are you from originally? Born and adopted in Edinburgh but raised in Abronhill .

Where are you now? In a small remote Aboriginal community off the tropical northern coast of Australia near Darwin - Tiwi Island.

What do you do? I am teaching in both a primary school and a high school.

How long have you been living there? I’ve been in Tiwi Island for 14 months but have been in this part of Australia - North East Arnhemland for seven years.

What do you like most about where you are now? I’m right on the beach and the forest at the same time. I also love the tropical climate.

Biggest difference between here and there? - The weather and the laid-back lifestyle.

Family? My adopted family are still in Abronhill. Mum and dad are Archie and Maureen. My natural mother’s family live in Adelaide in South Australia where I have just bought an investment property. My natural father’s family live in Rhode Island USA. I have eight half siblings, nine cousins and lots of nieces and nephews. On a personal note I’m single, child free and loving it!

What do you miss most from home? Hilarious Scottish sense of humour.

Any messages? You can take the boy out of Scotland but not Scotland out of the boy. Wherever in the world, he is, thankfully!

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