The birth of Taylor Hotchkiss.

PARENTS: Dad Alan Hotchkiss (36) is a firefighter and mum Melanie Fraser (33) is a civil servant. The couple live in Condorrat. Taylor has a half sister, Jenna (5).

PREGNANCY: Thankfully for Melanie this was completely straightforward – with no problems and luckily no morning sickness either!

BIRTH: Taylor certainly made her mum play a waiting game because she was born three days late. Nor was it a quick birth – it took 19 hours for baby to materialise.

BABY: Coming on a treat but little Taylor obviously likes to make her presence felt. Melanie said: “Taylor is doing well and keeps us amused – and awake – at night!”

NAME: This increasingly popular choice was a fairly straightforward decision. Melanie said: “Taylor was a name we both liked and one of the only ones we agreed on.’’

GRANDPARENTS: Condorrat is well represented this week as both sets of grandparents – Alan and Helen Fraser, Bill and Caroline Hotchkiss – all hail from there.

THANKS: Alan and Melanie want to express their thanks for all the support and lovely gifts they have received from family and friends on this happy occasion. Thanks also to the staff at the Princess Royal who took such care with Taylor.

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