Glee-style contest for primary pupils

ENTERPRISING students at Cumbernauld College are set to host a singing contest for local schools, with all proceeds going to charity.

The team of five HNC Events students have responded to the Cumbernauld News Guide Dogs appeal by agreeing to organise a Glee-inspired choir competition for local primary schools. This will be held at St Mungo’s Church in May this year.

One of the students, Mark Kerr, said: “The event is inspired by the concept of the popular American TV programme Glee, and to see how that suits the Scottish market.

“We are trying it with primary school children as the show is very popular with that age category. Many schools already have choirs and even glee clubs.”

The event has been thoroughly planned and organised, with the students taking care to cover all the details. “We have our location, which is a 500 seater hall, the judging panel is almost finalised and hopefully all of our contestants will be confirmed. We think everything should be in place by next week.”

The team is still courting local primary schools, but is confident it will secure the six to eight primaries needed to make the event a “goer”.

The students are certainly committed to their cause, as Mark has also “volunteered” to have his chest and legs waxed at a ladies’ night in the Silver Larch to drum up support and funding for this event!

The News and Chronicle will bring further updates on this event, which promises to unite local people and raise a good deal of money for Guide Dogs. Tickets for the contest will primarily be sold by the participating schools - expect further confirmation in a forthcoming edition of the News and Chronicle.