Letters to the editor

From our June 20, 2012 edition

Dogged by mess

Sir, – On my daily dog walk today I felt inspired to write and comment about the ornamental attractions that are on show along Kilsyth’s streams and burns.

Day after day as I stroll along I find we have acquired even more objects of interest including shopping trolleys and baskets, children’s bikes, food cartons and the dreaded blue bag which adds a colourful addition.

In fact, one day I even came across a white cane, linen basket, complete with three pairs of pyjama trousers flowing along with the current!

Seriously the Garrel Burn is a disgrace, especially along Provost McCann Walkway which should be renamed Provost McCann Run-A-Way. I’m sure we could arrange for Kilsyth to have a clean up in these areas or allocate this to people serving community service.

A clean up may encourage more visitors to walk these areas. After all, these paths and burns do lead up to Dumbreck Marsh and the canal. In turn, more visitors could create more income for the main street, benefiting us all.

I suggest that the council introduce a fixed penalty for anyone caught duping a littering these burns and the addition of very sturdy litter bins, maybe of the concrete type at regular intervals along the burn and other paths.

Also the residents of Kilsyth should be encouraged on awareness of keeping this beautiful environment we are so lucky to have on our doorsteps, clean and tidy. – Yours etc.,


Main Street


Moment to shine

Sir, – I am contacting you to let you know that the torch bearers who carried the torch through Stirling and Cumbernauld were all amazed by the reception we received in both towns last Wednesday. We were all honoured to have been selected as torch bearers but it made the experience even more special by having so many people there to share our ‘Moments to Shine’.

We were all taken aback by the number of people who turned out and by the reception we received.

I was the first torch bearer to carry the torch through Cumbernauld. The best part of the day for me was the time before I received the flame.

I’ve never had so many photographs taken before and the reaction from the people young and old made the day a really special one for me. So can you pass on our thanks to the people of Cumbernauld!

It would be great if anybody could pass on any pictures or videos taken on the day to [email protected] since I want to make an album of the day and have as many different memories of the day. – Yours etc.,


(Olympic Torch Bearer)

Torch thanks

Sir – Can I through your letters page say a huge thank you to the people of Cumbernauld and surrounding areas for coming out to see my mum, Christine Moroney carry the Olympic Torch along North Carbrain Road.

It was lovely to see all the school children out waving and cheering. I hope they have as good memories of the day as we do. As my mum is blind I had the honour of being her chaperone and could not have predicted the response and interest that the occasion generated. It was a truly unforgettable day and made more special by the people who don’t know my mum but gave up their time to come along and share this once in a lifetime moment. Again many thanks. – Yours etc.,


Tamfourhill Road, Falkirk