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No hiding place

Dear Ed, – May I comment on the front page article concerning the two weavers cottages in Delves Road, which were set on fire recently.

As a homeowner who lives near these cottages I have been very concerned about them for several years.

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They have been the hiding place for local druggies and have been used as a drinking den for a long time, and not only at night times!

This area is a no-go area for decent people and I have spoken to several local residents who are afraid to go out at night because of these people.

I was not surprised to hear that the buildings had been set alight, and only hope that they are not restored.

It would be nice if this area once again became a peaceful place to live, and not be disturbed by teenagers rampaging through gardens, jumping walls, etc.

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It seems strange that these buildings became so important only two years ago, when it appears they were very important two hundred years ago!

Also what has been done to preserve them in the last two years?

I am a Lanarkian born and bred, and very proud of my town, but if money is to be spent to maintain old buildings in the town, may I suggest that it be better spent on buildings like the old St Kentigerns Church or Castlebank Park, where many more people would be likely to go to see them. – Yours etc.,


Reiving afoot?

Dear Ed, – I was surprised when a “Borders Party” election leaflet dropped through the letterbox this week.

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It was the second piece of election literature from the Borders Party in a month.

As a resident of Biggar, I will be voting in the Clydesdale East ward for South Lanarkshire Council.

If the Borders Party takes the Borders seriously – and they do go to great lengths to extol their knowledge of the region – can they explain why their candidates don’t seem to be aware of the boundaries of the region?

Or, if they are aware, should Biggar residents be on the lookout for Borders Party reivers plotting territorial expansion of the Borders through a leafleting campaign in neighbouring council areas?

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Whatever the answer, I shall be giving my votes to the SNP. Above all else, the SNP candidates know that Biggar is in South Lanarkshire. – Yours etc.,



Come on, Biggar

Dear Ed, – This Easter, as a Biggaronian (Born: Mansefield, South Back Road and having left the town in the late 50s) I decided to visit my sister who still lives in the town, thinking I would find solace in my home town.

After lunch I decided to take a walk around some old haunts, especially along the burn from the Cadgers Brig to the public park. Oh my goodness! I didn’t realise what I was letting myself in for.

What used to be a beautiful walk was totally transformed (for the worse).

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The water in the burn could hardly be seen for years of growth of weeds, the path itself was closed off in two places (not even signposted) through what looked like a total lack of maintenance.

Come on Biggar let’s get your image sorted. – Yours etc.,



Manse Gardens,


Many thanks

Dear Ed,– I recently attended the Strictly Come Dancing event in Lanark Agricultural Centre organised by the Douglas Funraisers, a community group formed to raise funds for local good causes, particularly in the Douglas Valley.

This turned out to be the most fantastic evening which had clearly been organised immaculately to professional standards.

This event shows what can be achieved when a dedicated group of people in a small community set their minds to staging a really ambitious event.

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The show attracted an audience of over 400 and was, in fact, over-subscribed.

I can’t recall any previous fund-raising event on this scale in the Douglas area.

As well as raising over £5,000 for the Douglas Heritage Society, this event brought together people of all ages and backgrounds, particularly from the Douglas Valley, and gave those of us who were there a tremendous feeling of community spirit.

A particular mention should be made of Tom Kirkland, Chairman of the Funraisers group who was the driving force behind this event and made the perfect Master of Ceremonies during the evening – truly Douglas’ answer to Bruce Forsyth!

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The Douglas Heritage Society, are, of course, extremely grateful to have received such a tremendous boost to their funds and we would like to wish the Douglas Funraisers continued success with their future ventures. – Yours etc.,



Douglas Heritage Society.

Time for a break

Dear Ed,– This week is Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week, and I’d like to tell your readers about this disabling neurological disease.

MS affects the central nervous system. Its cause is not known and there is no cure. It affects around 100,000 people in the UK, most often between the ages of 20 and 40.

People with MS or other disabilities often find it extremely costly and difficult to organise a break away from their difficult daily routine because of their complex medical and care arrangements.

Carers are in equally desperate need of respite.

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I work for Vitalise, a national charity providing essential breaks with care at accessible UK centres for people affected by a range of different disabilities, including MS.

If you would like to find out more about our breaks or how you can support Vitalise, please call us on 0303 303 0147 or visit – Yours etc.,



Hit the heights

Dear Ed,– I am inviting hiking enthusiasts in Carluke to conquer the three highest peaks in Scotland, England and Wales while raising vital funds for Meningitis UK.

The exhilarating Big Trek challenge gives walkers the chance to climb the iconic mountains of Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon – all within 24 hours!

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By taking part in this challenge from August 17 to 19, you will help Meningitis UK fund lifesaving research to protect future generations.

For a Big Trek information pack, please contact me, Liz Gough, on 0117 303 33 43 or email [email protected] – Yours etc.,



Meningitis UK

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