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Dear Ed, — Having given over a major part of the Community Council meeting on August 11 2010 to allow Mr I L Fleming to present, and speak to his correspondence, it was surprising to read a reproduction of his letter in your issue of August 18.

It would appear that Mr Fleming has adjudged that the community council members have not been suitably contrite during their response to his complaint.

It is difficult to ascertain if the discomfiture felt is brought about by the questions posed or the fact that someone had the audacity to pose them.

It may be that such an extreme reaction can be explained by attempting to understand the position of those who exist within the cocoon of an autocratic environment suddenly being confronted by the realisation that we are governed by a democratic process, in which the "power" belongs to the majority.

Mr Fleming's complaint seems to centre on Douglas and Angus Estates access policy, which we learned from him, is not in written form. However, our understanding is that the relevant legislation to which reference should be made, in instances such as those in dispute, is the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003.

Having received numerous complaints regarding the removal of access, with which Mr Fleming concurred, the Community Council referred the issue to the appropriate authority.

We understand that the Authority has subsequently advised Mr Fleming of the proper procedure to be employed for any such future activities.

Ironically, the time spent in pursuing this complaint could have been spent advising the public of the timing, location and temporary nature of the planned activities, all of which were omitted from the posted notices.

On a positive note it is encouraging that Douglas and Angus Estates is enthusiastic in welcoming the general public to use and enjoy the traditional walks, since the Core Paths Network will provide an excellent opportunity for the reinstatement and improvement of the numerous existing Right of Ways and footpaths on the estates land. — Yours etc.,


Secretary, on behalf of

Douglas Community Council.


Dear Ed — As all Lanarkians know, every year on Lanimer Day Irvine Carters Society takes part in our parade so why doesn't the Lord Cornets Club go to the Marymass Parade in Irvine?

We have been going to Irvine nearly every year since 1986 when Ernest was Lord Cornet and in 2002 he was made an Honorary Carter for his ongoing support.

We had a wonderful day last Saturday; the parade was great and included two Lanimer lorries — Affair in Red Square and Art Attack which were admired.

It was embarrassing when the Carters asked where the Lord Cornets were.

I know this year Sanquar was on the same day but surely some could have supported Irvine Carters. — Yours etc.,




Dear Ed, — Margaret Frood is quite correct to draw the public's attention to the problem of having HGVs coming through Lanark Town Centre.

As I have pointed out, over the last few years, it is easy to divert the through lorry traffic from the town centre.

Apart from the question of pedestrian safety there is also the pollution aspect, particularly in the Wellgate area.

This has not been addressed and should be as a matter of urgency. At the very least pollution of this type leads to enhanced problems in one's lungs. I know as I live near the town centre.

So I look forward to positive action being taken on this issue. Potentially lack of action costs lives. Yours etc., —


Hope Street,



Dear Ed, — It is utterly illogical, hypocritical and nonsensical of David Mundell to claim that: 'With the coalition government protecting the NHS budget south of the Border, there is no excuse for NHS spending in Scotland to suffer in the coming years'.

No amount of tortured reasoning justifies his conclusion! Does he not know that Scotland has already suffered a 500,000 million cut under Labour?

Is he completely ignorant of the spending review in October?

Has he forgotten that 'out of respect' George Osborne did not inflict any further cuts in Scotland but promised a double dose, 20 per cent, in 2011?

The VAT increase to 20 per cent will cost the NHS and public services billions, to say nothing of hurting the poorest in our society. Yours etc., —


Jerviswood Drive,




Dear Ed, — The Scottish SPCA is calling on animal lovers in Lanarkshire to help raise desperately needed funds to care for abused, abandoned and injured animals.

The charity is seeking fundraising volunteers to support Scottish Animal Week, which runs from September 6-12.

Last year, the Lanarkshire Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre cared for 2,765 animals. The charity receives no government or lottery funding which means it relies entirely on the generosity of the public to continue its vital work.

The Scottish SPCA is also appealing to local supporters to donate pet food to the Lanarkshire centre in Hamilton.

Contact Sharon Meiklejohn on 03000 999 999 or email [email protected] — Yours etc.,


Assistant manager.