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Dear Ed, — The Lanark Airshow Committee was pleased to get some

publicity in the Carluke and Lanark Gazette and welcomed the support from the Community Council for the project.

We would, however, have welcomed the opportunity to comment on some aspects of the article as there are several incorrect pieces of information which could cause embarrassment.

The first surrounds the issue of the designs. We are not complaining about the Gazette's artist impression as it gives an idea to the public of the location and roughly how the sculpture might look.

It was the fact that a short leet of three for the commission was mentioned; we have not yet short listed the candidates and that process does not start until February 19.

The second matter is the grant that is still sub judice and will not be decided until the next meeting of the council's finance committee.

We hope that this grant from the Common Good Fund is ratified but we cannot count on this until there is official ratification.

Finally, we wish to thank everyone from all political groups for their support, South Lanarkshire Council, the Community Council, local businesses and local organisations as well as our most important supporters, the general public.

We hope that with continued support, we will be able to deliver a set of commemorative events that will be a fitting tribute to those magnificent men in their flying machines. — Yours etc.,



Hope Street,



Dear Ed — As the latest episode in the rape and destruction of the Douglas Valley landscape gets underway at Mainshill, I wonder what erstwhile civic leader in Douglas, William McQueen, who penned the following lines in the early part of the 20th century, would think of it all now, particularly in relation to McQueen's perception of the Douglas nobles as steeped in grace and goodness?

The poem reads as follows:

Snuggling in a peaceful valley, on the Douglas Water side,

Hills o' grandeur, plains inspiring, place where beauty canna hide,

Douglas Castle, famed in story, hameland o' ancestral race,

Seat o' noble thoctfu' kindly, man o' guidness, man o' grace,

Toonie true to Scots tradition, toon o' covenanter line,

Honest men and bonnie lasses, best o'a' it does combine,

Set 'mangst scenes o' rugged uplands, miles away fae clangin' toon,

Place romantic, place historic, place for dreamer settling doon.

It is heartbreaking and so helplessly frustrating to see such a place of grandeur being torn apart at the behest of so few, in the pursuit of private profit.

Overwhelming opposition and pleas to the Earl and local and national government to halt the ravages have been condescendingly dismissed.

The principal asset this valley had, as so aptly described above, is disappearing fast and can never be reclaimed. — Yours etc.,


Colonel's Entry,



Dear Ed, — I write with reference to the letter entitled Lost in Lanimers which appeared in the Gazette on Thursday, February 11, to point out that there were some inaccurate statements included in that letter.

Unfortunately, as the person who submitted the letter asked for their name and address to be withheld and did not write directly, Lanark Lanimer Committee is unable to respond in person to clarify the rules and procedures in place for the selection of the Lanimer Court.

Can I again reiterate that any comments or suggestions in relation to our Lanimer Celebrations can be submitted, giving a name and contact address, through the Honorary Secretary.

Any correspondence received will then be considered by the Lanark Lanimer Committee. — Yours etc.,



Lanark Lanimer Committee.


Dear Ed, — In response to last week's letter Lost in Lanimers, I know that the letter was littered with inaccuracies.

Why should these boys be discouraged to go in for court membership?

When it comes to the older boys, they should be applauded. Obviously the boys enjoyed themselves or they would not be prepared to go in for it again.

If that were to happen then the Lanimer Queen, Chief Maids and the Ladies in Waiting would be unsupported in their roles.

It is an honour to be chosen to represent your school in the Lanimer Court, however you have been chosen.

Those girls and boys will have a great time and reflect on it for years to come.

I just hope that this particular parent's view has not discouraged any child from entering into the Lanimers as they should be encouraged to do it. — Yours etc.


Cameronian Court,


Proud mum of the 1st Lord 2010, Outrider 2009 and Page Boy 2002


Dear Ed, — I believe that young people don't always get the recognition they deserve.

If they're unhappy about the way the media or politicians speak about them, they should do something about it.

That's why I'm backing the Respect? Campaign and asking more young people to get involved.

The Respect? Campaign is led by a group of passionate and motivated 16 to 25-year-olds who have been campaigning for fairer representation of young people since 2005.

They are supported by two charities: YouthNet and the British Youth Council, and are making a difference.

Visit — Yours etc.,