OVO Hydro confirm Kevin Bridges weekend shows will go ahead following death of the Queen

The Hydro have confirmed that the comedy shows will go ahead this weekend following the announcement of the Queen’s death yesterday (8 September).

Kevin Bridges weekend shows will go ahead this weekend - the Hydro has confirmed - following on from his controversy surrounding comments he made towards the Queen at last night’s show.

The Hydro began taking in guests just as the announcement of the Queen’s death hit Britain, at 6.30pm yesterday.

Some Glasgow locals hit out at Kevin Bridges following comments on the Queen’s passing at his show at the Hydro last night - just a few hours after the announcement of her death.

The show went ahead, and the OVO confirmed just after 3.30pm today (9 September) that the weekend shows will go ahead as planned.

Kevin has 11 shows left at the Hydro up until 25 September as part of his ‘Overdue Catch-up’ tour, with a show set to take place tonight at 6.30pm, with two shows starting at the same time on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 September.

Kevin Bridges

One angered fan on Twitter said: “Kevin Bridges has always just been a fatter, less scruffy Frankie Boyle. Both only remotely successful because they throw edginess into their acts. Real Scottish comedy ended with Billy Connolly.”

Another fan supported Bridges on Twitter, he wrote:”Kevin Bridges is free to say and or feel whatever he wishes about anything he wishes. We are free to say and feel the complete opposite. That’s what free speech is and is something we must hold onto.”

What Kevin Bridges said in full

“ On this historic evening, this is the 40th time that I’ve performed at this venue. So I’m sure it’ll be in all of the papers in the morning. Front page in the Daily Telegraph. Anyway, welcome to the only f*****g show in Britain going ahead this evening.

“The doors were at half six and she hung on. It’s what she would have wanted so welcome. I’m doing it for Lizzie. I’ve worn a black suit as a tribute. I’m getting ready, this is probably the last show before we go back into lockdown.

“That’s what’s happening. I’m f*****g grieving, f***’s sake. I was up til five in the f*****g morning grieving (...). What a year it’s been. It’s mental. It’s f*****g wild what we’ve gone through.

“And, the show is going ahead. She’s not the only old woman that’s going to die this winter. Page 25 tomorrow, they’ll be all lots of s**t getting buried. F*****g Liz Truss, ‘what did I say that energy bill cap was two and a half grand? F**k that.

Get in Charles innit, that’s that. The new head of state, a wee dog. Stick him on the money til he f*****g heels.