Parents’ merger frustration

Parents have accused education chiefs of a “lack of co-operation and openness” over plans for a new merged primary school.
Lenzie Moss PrimaryLenzie Moss Primary
Lenzie Moss Primary

Lenzie Moss Primary and Lenzie Primary are set to be merged into one new school on the current Lenzie Moss site – the first in a series of cash-saving measures as part of East Dunbartonshire Council’s controversial Primary School Improvement Programme (PSIP).

Parents from the newly-formed interim joint parent council, have approached the council with a number of queries – including staffing matters and build quality.

And there are also concerns that construction work will mean much of the playground will be unusable for around two years.

Gordon Macdonald, chair of the Lenzie Moss parent council, said: “As yet the council has not resolved the issue and we are still unclear as to how much of the current playground will be available during the build.

“The proposal is that almost the whole playground will be lost and used as part of the building site, with hoardings just 2m from the wall of the school. That proposal is subject to continuing negotiations between the council and the builders.”

He added: “We are surprised and frustrated at the continuing lack of co-operation and openness on the part of the council. Our efforts to acquire information and represent our parent bodies effectively are being frustrated by lack of communication and information.”

Education chief Gordon Currie said that officers had attended several meetings with parents and that “more detailed proposals” would be available later this month.

He added: “The design has evolved over time and the proposed final design reflects feedback from parents and others. The next consultation event is in Lenzie Academy on March 18 from 2pm-8pm.

“We share parents’ aspirations for the new school and take their views very seriously. We have been clear from the outset that there will be some loss of play space during the construction phase, however, we are working with the contractor to maximise the amount of play space that will be available. We are looking at all options to do this.”