Park plans for the future

Friends of Queen’s Park have asked for opinions on what parkgoers would like to see happen to the southside green space.

The group meets with Glasgow city council’s land and environmental services next week to discuss the possibility of revamping the children’s play area.

Chair Tony Halifax told The Extra: “LES came to us and said they were looking at some capital investment in the children’s play area, and asked us to meet about it — so we’ve asked for comments from the public on Facebook, in the hope of getting other people’s views.

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“The children’s play area is pretty grotty, so we’re hopeful we’ll get something changed.”

Comments so far include Anna Cydzik’s suggestion of “a natural play area or wildlife observation trail for kids”.

Olivia Hanley agreed, adding a call for an outdoor gym for adults, and Claire Easther Haigh said: “The main reason I don’t go there much is when you’re at the playpark or pond with kids, there are no toilets apart from at the Glasshouse — which, when you have two bursting kids, seems like miles.”

FQP may be aiming even higher, as the group looks into lottery funding.

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Tony added: “I’ve submitted an outline and have also mentioned the possibility of a heritage centre, for Mary Queen of Scots and the Battle of Langside.

“We’re consulting with community councils around the park to get them on board, and will go to elected members next.”

A GCC spokesman added: “The council will always be happy to work constructively with the Friends Of group in a way that makes best use of the parks budget.”

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