Parking mad at charges after call to explain

A businessman has vowed not to shop in Clarkston after he was hit with a £60 automatic parking fine for non-payment — despite trying to pay before leaving his car.

Doug Lamont tried in vain to prepay for parking at the rooftop car park at Clarkston Toll.

He told The Extra how the automated paypoint rejected attempts by him to pay; each time, his cash was rejected with the message ‘transaction failed’.

Believing the machine to be faulty, he called the company, Smart Parking of Perth, and explained the situation to an employee and then rushed to his appointment.

Days later he received a penalty charge of £100 and, after formally appealing the fine, he was ordered to stump up a reduced fee of £60.

Vowing never to shop at Clarkston Toll again, Mr Lamont said: “I used to use the car park frequently for shopping, banking and dining.

“No amount of ‘I Love Clarkston!’ banners will reverse the tide.”

Norrie Stewart of Clarkston BID sympathised with his plight, saying: “As an organisation that seeks to help businesses to thrive in this area, it is distressing to hear of this situation with parking and we urge people to continue to support our aims.”

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