Past Times: FREE inside this week’s Carluke and Lanark Gazette

The Gazette prides itself in giving its readers, every week, the latest news and coverage of issues in Clydesdale. There’s always been space too for our many readers with a passion for historical events.

Every year we also give you – and us – a real treat by producing a special Past Times supplement, packed with tales of long ago that might delight, surprise or even shock you!

This week, free of charge, you’ll find in your Gazette our third such Past Times ‘special’ with 20 pages packed with stories and pictures from Clydesdale’s past, spanning the ages from prehistoric times to the relatively recent Fifties when events like the Queen’s first visit to Lanark (above) took place.

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In these pages you’ll find the part played by local folk from almost every walk of life in our history; we’ve got war heroes aplenty, forgotten hoards of treasured artefacts, images of today’s familiar personalities and places as they were many years ago. We’ve even got Queen Victoria’s darned stockings and a mad, gun-wielding minister!

So make sure you don’t miss it – get your copy of the Gazette today!

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