Pensioner fined says ticket machine was broken

A pensioner has hit out after he was given a parking fine, insisting that the pay and display machine was out of order at the time.
Wilson Blakey says the ticket machine was out of orderWilson Blakey says the ticket machine was out of order
Wilson Blakey says the ticket machine was out of order

Wilson Blakey (69) parked his car in the Woodburn Way car park, in Milngavie, on November 10 and says that when he tried to buy a ticket the machine would not issue one.

Instead it displayed the messages: ‘Network Failure’ and ‘Machine Out of Order’.

As he was unable to purchase a ticket, and as there was only one machine in the car park (two more have recently been added), he left a note explaining the circumstances.

So he was shocked to find on his return that he’d been given a £60 penalty charge.

His subsequent appeal against the fine was turned down by East Dunbartonshire Council.

Mr Blakey says that a council representative told him that he should have called a number on the machine for advice – but he didn’t have a mobile phone with him at the time.

Mr Blakey said: “So they are saying it was all my fault, even though the machine was broken.

“There are also no instructions in the car park for when the machine is broken.

“And not everyone carries a mobile phone at all times.

“Though I broadly support the introduction of parking tickets I think this penalty charge is unfair.

“I’ve had £30 taken from me because East Dunbartonshire Council’s technology doesn’t always work.

“A community warden I met a few days later told me I should have been alright to park and that is what she would have advised me.”

Thomas Glen, depute chief executive – place, neighbourhood and corporate assets, said: “We maintain a database of information from all ticket machines in the area which shows us, among other things, where there is a fault, how long it lasted and when the machine is operational again.

“In addition to this, the wardens regularly check machines in the course of their duties.

“Where a machine is out of order, motorists parking at that time will not be issued with a fixed penalty notice.

“We have a rigorous and transparent appeals process for any motorist who feels their fixed penalty notice was unjustified.

“In this case, after a thorough investigation, the appeal was refused.”