The Glasgow Garden Festival was located on Pacific Quay.

25 photos of the Glasgow Garden Festival in 1988

We take a trip down memory lane with these archive pictures of the Glasgow Garden Festival.

Saturday, 15th January 2022, 9:00 am

The Glasgow Garden Festival was the first international event to be held in Glasgow in over 50 years following the Empire Exhibition in 1938 and arguably marked a turning point in the fortunes of the biggest city in Scotland. With substantial investment in the event, the Festival signalled a rebirth of the city from a historically industrial city to a hub of culture with Glasgow being named as the European City of Culture in 1990.

If you visited, you may remember the Coca Cola rollercoaster and the Clydesdale Bank tower. Here we take a look back at he hugely successful Garden Festival, which attracted over 4 million visitors to the city, making the Glasgow event the most popular of the five Garden Festivals held across the UK.

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