A big day for Lanimer Queen Elect Caitlin

An activity packed holiday at Lockerbie Manor helped to keep Lanimer Queen Elect Caitlin Stewart busy in the run-up to the big day.

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Caitlin Stewart can't wait to be crowned Lanimer Queen tomorrow (Thursday).
Caitlin Stewart can't wait to be crowned Lanimer Queen tomorrow (Thursday).

While Caitlin threw herself into all the activities on offer with her classmates from Lanark Primary School, happily she came home unscathed – much to her mum Ashley’s relief!

She said: “I didn’t want her to be the first Lanimer Queen in a cast! She tried everything at Lockerbie and really enjoyed it but, luckily, there were no bruises or breaks!”

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Returning home on Thursday proved perfect timing for Caitlin, with Ashley, her partner Kenny, sister Taylor (8) and their extended families preparing to unveil the funfair theme she had chosen to decorate the house frontage in the Glebe – complete with 3D spinning waltzers!

Caitlin will be ably supported on the big day by her chief maids.

Ashley said: “Caitlin wanted something unique – we can’t wait to see what people make of it!

“Kenny built it all, including the waltzers, and we roped in both our families to help – it’s definitely kept us busy. Caitlin came home just in time for the big reveal.”

Caitlin and her mum spent two days looking for the perfect gown for Lanimer Day, finally choosing a dress she fell in love with in the first shop they visited at Reeta Fashions in Glasgow.

It’s been a whirlwind, meeting members of the Lanimer Committee and attending a number of events.

“It’s been really nice to get to know everyone,” said Ashley. “They have all been so friendly and made us feel so welcome. They genuinely wanted to spend time with us and get to know Caitlin.

“Lord Cornet Derek McGuinness and his wife Gail have been amazing. Caitlin has her first dance with him at the Lanimer Ball to A Million Dreams on Saturday. They practised in his kitchen – they were fantastic!”

Having attended all the Lanimer events this week, tomorrow (Thursday) will be Caitlin’s crowning moment.

She said: “I’m a wee bit nervous but excited to be crowned and I’m really looking forward to the Ball too.”

As for Ashley and Kenny, they have the hankies ready for another special moment.

Ashley added: “Seeing her being piped away from the house will be the big one for us. Kenny tears up just thinking about it. We’ll both need the hankies – it will be a moment to remember forever.”