Adam Ennis is crowdfunding for Ukraine

Adam Ennis (left) hopes readers will support the crowdfunding to purchase a much-needed pick-up truck.Adam Ennis (left) hopes readers will support the crowdfunding to purchase a much-needed pick-up truck.
Adam Ennis (left) hopes readers will support the crowdfunding to purchase a much-needed pick-up truck.
After three months on the front line in Ukraine, Biggar garage owner Adam Ennis has returned home to Symington safe and sound.

However, at the end of this month he intends to return to Ukraine – with an armoured pick-up truck to aid with casualty evacuation.

He has launched a Crowdfunding page, with a target of raising £10,000 by June 28.

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Adam appreciates it’s a big ask in the current climate but hopes the community in Biggar and the wider Clydesdale area will once again rally.

While he was in Ukraine, regulars at the Crown Inn raised more than £17,500 for medical supplies, some of which were delivered to the Ukraine border by the pub’s owner Gary Watkins and his son Cameron.

While Adam doesn’t know exactly where he’ll be based when he returns, it is likely he will be in the Donbas. Russian officials said this week they are fighting for the “complete liberation” of the Donbas, where Russian-backed separatists held significant territory before the invasion.

Adam will be part of a 12-strong fire team from the Ukraine Army, protecting a team of medics on the front line. Their job will be to ensure the medics can treat casualties safely, before the team evacuates them to field hospitals for further treatment.

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It will be a dangerous mission, which is why Adam needs to have the pick-up truck armoured.

Helping with that is another local firm, Atlas Winch and Hoist Services in Biggar.

Adam (35) said: “We will be under heavy fire from the Russians so the truck will need to be armoured. Atlas has offered to weld steel plates around the danger points which will provide some protection.”

The truck will then need to be painted in military green, with work done on its suspension and brakes. However, Adam, who has owned Big B’s Automotive Care Specialists for the last four years, will be able to do that work himself before returning to Ukraine.

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When he does so, he will be taking more than £2000 worth of medical supplies which have also been kindly donated by the Crown Inn.

Adam said: “The guys desperately need the truck and supplies so the sooner I can get back, the better. I’m aiming to go back in three weeks.”

Fighting on the frontline and witnessing the devastation in Irpin, Bucha and Hostomel has only strengthened Adam’s resolve to help the people of Ukraine.

He said: “I was compelled to go because I envisaged being in their shoes – what it must be like to see everything around you destroyed.

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“I believe that if Putin had gone through Ukraine, much like Hitler, he wouldn’t have stopped there. The people of Ukraine are fighting this war for the rest of Europe. They need our help.”

Adam admits it’s “strange” being home, having witnessed all that he has. However, it was a necessary measure – to help take back supplies his team desperately needs.

He added: “The country has been devastated, with the Russian troops committing atrocity after atrocity.

“They are killing civilians because they think that will scare the country and its people into surrendering. Fortunately, that hasn’t happened – in fact, it’s had the opposite effect.”

If you would like to support Adam’s fundraiser, visit

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