Appeal for loving homes for cats left on the shelf

Volunteers caring for a “curious” nine-year-old and an asthmatic three-year-old cat are keen to find them both new homes after spending months being overlooked.

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Black tortoiseshell Cookie was admitted into the care of the Glasgow Branch of Cats Protection in March after her owner could no longer look after her.

Although not known to be a lap cat, the black tortoiseshell is incredibly friendly and does like to snuggle up at bedtime.

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Branch coordinator Kathy Dunsmore said: “Torties have their own unique personality and Cookie is no different, she's independent and curious, though lets her human know when she's had enough attention and wants to be left alone.


"We cannot understand why Cookie hasn’t been adopted yet, but we are hoping she catches the attention of the right person who will fall in love and give her a second chance at a happy life.”

Cookie would be best suited to an adult-only home where she can enjoy a mix of being fussed over and left on her own. She requires easy access to the outdoors in a home away from busy roads.

Another cat in need of a new home is asthmatic Jessie, who has already spent nearly six months waiting for the right person to come along.

Kathy said: “When Jessie is having an asthma attack, she presents as if she’s dry heaving up a fur ball, it always seems like she’s going to be sick but she never is.

“It lasts around 30 seconds and then she just shakes it off – this usually happens five or six times a day.”

Jessie’s condition is treated with steroids, which the branch has pledged to help support for the first year after adoption.

She requires easy access to the outdoors in a home away from busy roads, and without any other pets or young children.

Kathy added: “Jessie is a beautiful and affectionate cat and her condition does not stop her enjoying attention and playing around. She really deserves a loving home with owners who can understand and support her special needs.

To find out about adopting Cookie or Jessie, or to find other available cats, visit