Bearsden Councillor's fresh demand for action on road repairs

A Bearsden councillor is seeking an urgent meeting with Scottish Government Cabinet Secretary Michael Matheson over “appalling” overdue road repairs.

Bearsden councillor Duncan Cumming hits out over road repairs

Duncan Cumming Independent Councillor for Bearsden North, hit out several few weeks ago at the lack of urgency by Scottish Water to carry out essential road repairs in his constituency.

Since then, some of his complaints have been addressed – but there remains a number of safety hazards he said.

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Councillor Cumming told the Herald: “I am absolutely appalled that despite my repeated approaches to the Council, who have in turn contacted Scottish Water directly requesting that these well overdue repairs desperately need completion.

“In the case of the repair at the junction of Reid Avenue and Milngavie Road a manhole was put back in place after some weeks.

"However, significant debris and gravel remain and it is entirely foreseeable that this presents a hazard to all road users.

“In addition, significant damage that happened to the road surface round the manhole cover at the junction of Nithsdale Crescent and Rosslyn Road has not be up been touched for almost three months.

"Again, it is entirely foreseeable that an accident could happen at this location.

“Scottish Water has now promised to the Council that these two repairs will be carried out very soon.

"However, I believe it’s about time Scottish Waterbecame far more accountable.

“Scottish Water is ultimately responsible to the SNP Cabinet Secretary, Michael Matheson and I am going to be seeking an urgent meeting with the Minister to discuss the poor performance of Scottish Water.

"My constituents deserve far better service than what has been provided thus far.”

The Herald contacted Scottish Water.

As the Herald went to press yesterday (Wednesday), a Scottish Water spokesperson said: “We are doing all we can to expedite the repairs required at both of these locations.

"We apologise for the delay and any inconvenience this is causing for local residents.”

Councillor Cumming is pictured at the junction at Nithsdale Crescent and Rosslyn Road in Bearsden.