Beware of fire alarm scammers in Lanarkshire

Lanarkshire police officers are urging the public to be aware of scammers as new fire and smoke alarm regulations take effect this week.

New rules came into effect on February 1; police are worried about scammers cashing in.
New rules came into effect on February 1; police are worried about scammers cashing in.

Under the new rules, every home in Scotland should have had new interlinked fire and smoke alarms installed by today (February 1).

However, officers are warning local residents of potential scammers.

The police shared advice from Trading Standards Scotland on where people who may be worried about installing the alarms can get trusted information and what to avoid.

The Lanarkshire Police account on Twitter stated: ‘Scammers and rogue traders may try to take advantage of those who are unsure about how to comply with the new fire and smoke alarm legislation or who are worried about meeting the installation date. Don’t provide details to cold callers.’

Advice was issued on how to spot and avoid scammers. Firstly, cold callers may tell people that they are eligible for financial support to install new fire alarms or offer specific deals but people are urged not to provide any details or agree to purchase products.

The public should also be aware of leaflets from companies selling alarms which claim they have been endorsed by the Scottish Government as neither the government or Scottish ministers have endorsed any suppliers or brands.

The Scottish Government website has detailed information on the new guidelines and provides details on what to look for when picking an alarm.

Care and Repair South Lanarkshire can help install systems for vulnerable homeowners. To find out more, visit or call 01555 666200.

Trusted Traders has a wide range of installers who have been vetted and approved by local Trading Standards officers.

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service is also providing information and offering free home fire safety visits. To find out more, visit

The new regulations require interlinked smoke alarms in every circulation space in the house, along with a heat alarm in the kitchen.