Campaigners to hold Glasgow demonstration calling for better late night transport

Campaigners will be holding a demonstration in George Square this week, calling for better late night transport.

Members of SafeHome, a cross-union campaign led by activists from Unite Hospitality, Better Than Zero and the STUC, will be rallying outside Glasgow City Chambers at 6pm on December 16.

It comes after the group sent a letter to the council on the final day of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, arguing that women and shift workers at late-night premises deserve safe transport at night.

What challenges do workers face?

The statement says: “We have entered the festive period which is for most a time for enjoying Christmas parties with friends and colleagues however the reality for nightlife workers is an extension to licence hours for employers to make more profit.

“This means further harassment, higher difficulty getting home and dealing with the fact that no real safety measures are being put in place to protect staff.”

Among the complaints is the fact that late night shift workers have to spend a portion of their wages on taxi services and that they have to navigate the city centre at unsociable hours.

What do the campaigners want the council to do?

The letter calls on Glasgow City Council to “recognise the difficulty workers face and change the realities of hospitality and late night working in the city”.

The campaigners want the council to: support the provision of paid transport home to any worker after 11pm; prioritise SafeHome when granting licences and contracts; support the campaign to ensure SafeHome is carried out by all employers, with punishments for those that do not; and recognise that the safety of workers in the nightlife industry getting home safely should be a priority for employers.

How has Glasgow City Council responded?

A spokesman for Glasgow Licensing Board said: “Through our pilot for extended opening hours for night clubs in Glasgow we have sought to encourage licence holders to see late night transport arrangements as part of their social responsibility for their staff.

“However, there is no power within the current licensing legislation that indicates transport arrangements for staff can be a condition of a liquor licence.”