The planning report proposed huge changes to Glasgow.

City centre demolition, futuristic roundabouts, new train stations - how the Bruce Report would've transformed Glasgow - in pictures

A ‘haphazard city’ – that is how city planner Robert Bruce described Glasgow in his controversial First Planning Report.

Wednesday, 24th November 2021, 10:50 am

World War II was coming to an end and cities across the UK were thinking to the future – how people would work, live and travel.

In March 1945, Bruce put his First Planning Report to the Highways and Planning Committee. To describe it as ambitious would be an understatement. It included huge proposals which would transform Glasgow over the next 50 years – focusing on everything from transport to housing.

While the plans would not be taken further, it did include some futuristic ideas that would fit in with today’s green revolution and proposals that would influence future decisions.

Here are just some of the changes it planned for Glasgow.

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