Council blunder leaves West End residents baffled over parking charges

A council blunder left residents baffled after a sign announcing a rise in parking charges was put up in their West End street – despite drivers never having having to pay before.

The bizarre sign post appeared at Clarence Gardens, declaring pay and display charges would double for an hour and permit costs would rise.

People have never had to pay a penny to park before in the leafy Jordanhill street, with plenty of spaces available for residents.

And now the council has admitted it made a mistake after concerned residents spoke out about the impact charges would have.

Residents in Jordanhill were left baffled.Residents in Jordanhill were left baffled.
Residents in Jordanhill were left baffled.

Grandfather David Chassels, 75, said: “It is a fundamental error to claim it is an increase. There are no parking charges here. The notice appeared out of the blue on a lamp post about two weeks ago. There is no logic as there are tonnes of parking spaces. I’ve never had a problem being able to get a car parking space.”

Clarence Gardens has one entrance with two dead ends at other sides of it and has about 90 parking spaces.

Former chartered accountant, Mr Chassels, said there was a “general feeling that the new charges were not right.”

He added: “It is crazy. We couldn’t understand why but thought the only reason could be money. “

The local democracy reporting service contacted the council to ask about the new charges and was told it was a blunder, with the street to remain charge free.

A council spokeswoman said: “The inclusion of Clarence Gardens on the Parking Notice was in error and we appreciate this matter being brought to our attention. We can confirm that there are no parking charges applicable to Clarence Gardens and we apologise for any confusion or inconvenience caused.”

The council announced pay and display charges in dozens of streets in the Hyndland, Hughenden and Dowanhill West area would rise from 20p to 40p for 15 minutes up to an hour. Parking for over an hour up to three hours maximum will jump from 40p for every 15 minutes to 60p. The rates are being introduced from August 28. Residents parking permits are to go up from £85 annually to £98.

The council previously said charges, permits and enforcement are needed to ensure “ensure equitable access to limited parking spaces across the city.”

Other parts of the city are also being impacted by a rise in parking charges with hundreds of streets effected.

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