Council given almost £27m to help Glasgow recover from Covid-19

Almost £27 million has been awarded to Glasgow City Council to regenerate local communities, business and high streets as the city continues to recover from Covid-19.

The money, which is part of the UK Government’s shared prosperity fund, has been welcomed by Conservative group leader Thomas Kerr who said he was “delighted” to back this development.

The money will be divided up between the community and places, supporting local businesses and people and skills funding pots.

Councillor Kerr says this is the “latest example” of the UK Government delivering for the communities of Glasgow and that he will continue to push for more investment in the city at every turn which will be crucial in rebuilding communities and offering new job opportunities.

Glasgow is recovering from Covid-19.Glasgow is recovering from Covid-19.
Glasgow is recovering from Covid-19.

Mr Kerr said: “There will now be another paper coming up to decide what the money will go towards. We do know it will be spent on people and communities, small businesses, skills and jobs – that sort of thing.

“I personally think it would be good to see if we can revitalise some of our local high streets. I would love it for Shettleston but there are loads of places across Glasgow.

“Whether it’s Shettleston, Shawlands or Drumchapel town centre, there are loads of areas which used to have thriving local businesses and that’s died away because of the way the world now works.

People are buying stuff online. So I would quite like to see some of that money go towards revitalising local businesses and high streets across the city. These organisations are still recovering from the pandemic.”

The Shared Prosperity Fund is just the investment for Glasgow. The city has also benefited from the Levelling Up Fund which has seen £13m invested in Pollok Stables and £500 m previously awarded to the Glasgow City Region Deal.

Councillor Kerr added: “I’m delighted to see plans progressing apace for how to distribute the fund in the coming weeks and months.

“The UK Government is stepping up at every turn to invest in our communities, support people and jobs and accelerate our economic recovery from the pandemic.

“These are challenging times for individuals and businesses but the UK Government has shown ambitious plans to support Glasgow whether it be this fund or Levelling Up Fund or the Community Renewal Fund among others.

“This near £30m investment from the Shared Prosperity Fund can transform many communities and is another sign that the UK Government are delivering for Glasgow.

“I am proud to back this investment in our city and will continue to ensure that it is delivered to those who need it most.”