Crisis for clubs over hall let rises

Community groups are hitting out at East Dunbartonshire Council over the ?“extraordinary rise” in the price of hiring a hall.
East Dunbartonshire Council HQ 
20 01 18
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Storm Gymnastics claims the rate to hire a “tiny hall” at Auchinairn Community Centre has risen by more than 30 per cent since December.

Another said, despite being a charity, the cost to hold its four-day show at Milngavie town hall had risen from £600 last year to £1,400.

Janette McClintock of the mnastics club, got in touch with the Herald. She said: “The shocking behaviour of EDC and how they are determined to ruin communities needs to be highlighted as more clubs face financial crisis by their extraordinary rises.”

Vince McNulty, Executive Officer – Customer & Digital Services, said: “The letting year runs from August to August, with annual price increases, agreed at the council’s budget setting meeting each year, applied to the new letting year.

“There was a change in letting rates in August 2018 as a result of a letting review and rationalisation exercise during 2017/18, agreed at council Budget meeting in March 2018.

“The next increase to council letting rates will apply from August 2019 and follows the council decision in March 2019 to increase council fees and charges by four per cent. This budget decision has been communicated to all clubs and organisations who take out annual lets in council facilities as we have now invited these organisations to book the lets they require from August 2019 – August 2020.

“The council faces challenging budget decisions year on year and a four per cent increase across fees and charges contributed to balancing the budget and retaining council services.

“We take on all feedback, positive and negative, to inform future changes to the letting charges. All changes to charges would need to be agreed by council after relevant consultation.”