Cumbernauld actor seeks crowdfunding for groundbreaking project he'll co-produce and act in

A Cumbernauld actor whose screen credits include 'Still Game' has shared details of his latest project which uses film to full expose the unseen dangers that can so easily beset youngsters online.

Robert Campbell-Coombes

Robert Campbell-Coombes (31) who has been acting professionally since attending Cumbernauld High School has been based in London but has returned to the town he's lived in since he was seven-years-old

He played 'Davo' in the highly successful BBC Scotland comedy and also had a role as Prefect Grubb in 'Half Moon Investigations'

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Now he's embarking on crowdfunding for a new project that he'll both act in and co-produce called Dark Devices.

It has been penned by writer Kerry Clifton - and describes how a 12-year-old girl is pulled into the underworld of grooming and abuse.

Robert is upfront about the fact that he came back from London to concentrate on his mental health but his honesty doesn't end there.

He said: "I am extremely passionate about this project. As a survivor of sexual abuse myself, I believe that this film will resonate with so many people.

"The film will shine a spotlight on many key issues faced by so many, including mental health, addiction and bullying. However a principle focus of the story is to educate and raise awareness regarding the dangers children face online, particularly from online grooming.

"Experts estimate that everyday there are 500,000 predators online, targeting our children. We aim to authentically portray the real dangers of what can and has devastatingly happened to children that have fallen prey to such predators. Elements within the film are based on real life experiences, that have been adapted.

“Any profit made will be donated to charity, in order to support those affected by such trauma. We are seeking funding to support the production of this important film. In order to make our vision reality, we must raise enough funds to pay for equipment/locations and crew.”