Dates announced for Glasgow council waste workers strike action

GMB Scotland has announced when waste workers across Scotland will go on strike.

It was announced earlier this week that waste workers at 15 councils in Scotland, including Glasgow, would be going on strike.

GMB Scotland has now revealed further strike dates affecting waste and recycling services across Scottish local government, as council chiefs meet again to deliberate a new pay offer for staff.

Two four-day strikes have been confirmed in all waste and recycling services where statutory mandates for action were secured.

Glasgow's bins were overflowing as a result of previous strike action (Photo: John Devlin).

The strikes will run from August 26-29, and September 7-10.

GMB Scotland Senior Organiser Keir Greenaway said: “Unless COSLA and the Scottish Government make a significantly improved pay offer, more strikes will start across councils in just a few weeks.

“Both parties are squabbling while more of our members struggle with debt, fuel poverty, and hunger, exposing a huge gulf between politics and frontline workers. This is only increasing anger and fear among our members - anger over the lack of value shown to them and fear about what winter will bring in this cost-of-living crisis.

“Make no mistake, these strikes are a direct response from our extraordinary key workers to months of political failure. They are not prepared to accept working poverty as an inevitability even if Scotland’s political leaders are.”