Flooding at Biggar burn raises fears over new homes

A river would be a more appropriate description of the ford forming part of the approach road for new houses in Biggar as heavy rain saw major flooding across the area at the weekend.

A car is washed away on Burnbraes Middle Brigde

As the pictures show, during heavy rain the burn turned into a torrent of water, several feet deep, and the ford was impassable to most traffic.

The ford, in Burnbraes, is the main access route to the new development of 36 houses being built at Rowhead Quarry.

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Dr Janet Moxley, who is chair of Friends of Burnbrae Park, took the photographs and alerted the Gazette amid fears about the flooding.

Burnbraes gas works

She told us: “There was an incident early on Thursday morning in which a car was washed into the Biggar Burn from the ford on Biggar Mill Road which runs through the park. Thankfully the driver seems to have got out OK, but the car was wedged under a footbridge further down the park.

“This incident does highlight a wider point about the safety of the road through the Burnbraes which Friends of Burnbraes have been trying to draw to SLC's attention for some time.

"When the McAlpine Court housing development was consented a few years ago now, we highlighted to planners that the access roads, particularly through the Burnbraes were unsuitable, but these concerns were ignored. Sadly this was an accident waiting to happen.

“Although there is an alternative route from McAlpine Court into Biggar, it goes via Rowhead Terrace and The Wynd which are narrow and congested, and so many drivers prefer to opt for the route through the Burnbreas despite the safety issues.

Burnbraes pictured from the ford

“Hopefully the incident this week, will make SLC wake up to the need to do a full assessment of the safety of the road through the Burnbraes, including the ford, particularly if planning consent is given for more houses which are likely to be accessed via this route.”

Meanwhile, Broughton Brewery in Biggar was also a victim of the flooding with water.

Sales manager Cheryl Anson sent us pictures as water swept through the area.

Cheryl said: “Water was coming in from all ends, but staff were great and all got to work and got the beer orders out What a team!"

Staff managed to get the orders out despite the flooding
Water was flooding in from all sides at the brewery
A wet and worrying scene at Broughton Brewery