Free event in Cumbernauld to raise awareness of bowel cancer

A free event takes place in Cumbernauld tomorrow (Thursday) to highlight Bowel Cancer Awareness Month.

The Scotland Team of national charity Bowel Cancer UK will visit Cornerstone House Centre to facilitate an interactive two-hour seminar incorporating awareness raising about the disease and information about local volunteering and fundraising opportunities to support the fight against bowel cancer.

Taking place from 10am-12.30pm, the event is the first of a series of planned monthly community health awareness raising events being rolled out through the newly established

Cumbernauld Community Health Information Hub during 2019.

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Ross Lamb, Scottish Health Promotion and Training Officer for Bowel Cancer UK, said: “We hope this event will significantly raise awareness of bowel cancer for people living and working in the Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Northern Corridor area.

Bowel cancer is the fourth most common cancer in the UK, with almost 42,000 people being diagnosed every year and around 268,000 people battling the disease today in the UK.

“Despite these alarming statistics, knowledge about the condition and recognition of the importance of bowel cancer screen testing is perhaps not as high profile as it could or should be, particularly where older people are concerned.

“More than nine out of ten new cases are diagnosed in people aged over 50, with nearly six out of ten cases being diagnosed in people aged 70 or above. However, bowel cancer can affect anyone of any age, and more than 2,500 new cases are also diagnosed each year in people under the age of 50.

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“It is a treatable and curable form of cancer if diagnosed early, and nearly everyone survives bowel cancer if they receive diagnosis at the earliest stage. But recovery rates can drop notably as the disease develops, so early diagnosis is critical.

“That’s why Bowel Cancer Awareness Month provides us with an excellent opportunity to spotlight this illness with a view to initiating screen tests and prevention for more people in the local area.

“The event is suitable for and open to a range of people and organisations, including health and social care professionals and providers, those individuals and families affected by bowel (or any form of) cancer, and any other citizen or organisation with an interest in learning more about bowel cancer, its prevention and what

communities can do to help.”

In addition to the bespoke focus on bowel cancer prevention, information stalls hosted by a range of local health and social care providers will be on display in a special market place facilitated on the day, and an update on other key and upcoming health and social care campaigns will also be provided.

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Tea, coffee, healthy snacks, networking time and a free prize draw will also be included on the


Meanwhile, as another element of Cumbernauld Community Health Information Hub, Cancer Research UK has commenced hosting fortnightly Cancer Awareness Hubs in Cornerstone House Centre.

These are sessions enable anyone to drop-in to the centre and speak informally and confidentially with trained cancer nurses and professionals.

The next Hub sessions will take place on May 2 and 16 from 10am-4pm.

For further information call The Health Team at Cornerstone House Centre on 01236 739220 or email [email protected].

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