Glasgow among best UK cities for over 60s to find love

Glasgow is one of the best cities in the UK for over 60s looking for love, according to new research.

As the number of over 65s living alone in the UK reached around 4.19 million last year, Google search interest for “best senior dating sites” has surged by 50% in the past months.

Inspired to uncover which UK cities are the best for the elderly to find love, care home marketplace website Lottie analysed the number of senior users on the online dating platform,, plus the over 60s population in cities around the UK, to discover the top dating hotspots for retired singles.

Glasgow is a good place for over 60s looking for love.

The results found that Glasgow had the third best score, with a 9.2/10 for its over 60s population score and a 9.5 in the user score, but just a 7.3 in the proportion of over 60s users to over 60s population.

Manchester ranked at the top of the listings, with Liverpool second.

See the full results on the Lottie webiste.