Glasgow bin collections: When will my bin be collected, what if my bin was missed?

Your green bin is filling up and creating a bit of a stink, your blue bin can’t close because of another Amazon box, and you’re wondering when the next collection day is - we’ve all been in this situation.

The situation is usually worse over New Year, when services are limited and gift wrapping, cardboard boxes and leftover Christmas food are being tossed out.

It was made worse this year due to Omicron. A number of staff in the council cleansing department had to take time off to self-isolate, leading to backlogs.

The festive bin collection schedule has been announced.The festive bin collection schedule has been announced.
The festive bin collection schedule has been announced.

While the team have caught up with a lot of the backlog, there could be delays in some neighbourhoods because of absences.

Thankfully, finding out when your bins are being collected is easy.

How do I find out when my bins are being collected?

You’ll need to head to the Glasgow City Council’s refuse and recycling collections website. From there, just enter your postcode and it will give you a list of addresses to choose from. Click on your address and the website will give you a calendar showing when the bins are being collected.

Blue and grey bins are collected every 16 days, and green bins every 8 days.

You can check months ahead, and even print out the calendar if you want a reminder.

What do I do if my bin has been missed?

The council website has a list of missed bin collections and gives dates for when it aims to have these routes completed.

If your bin has been missed, the council says you should try to wait until the next bin collection day. If there is not enough room available, take material to the city’s recycling centres or, if given permission, use a neighbour’s bin.

You can log a missed bin through the council’s myaccount page. It can take up to seven days for a missed bin to be collected.

What can go in the recycling bins?

Blue bins are for paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, empty cans and empty aerosol cans. Purple bins are for glass bottles and jars. Brown bins are for food or garden waste. Grey bins are also used for food.

For a full list of what can and cannot be put in each bin, check out the council’s recycling bins page.

How do I order a new bin?

You can order replacement bins through the council’s website.

There is currently high demand for new bins, therefore applicants are being asked to wait at least 8 weeks for delivery.

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