Glasgow Clyde College offering free breakfasts for 15,700 students to help tackle food poverty

Glasgow Clyde College has launched a breakfast club for students across all three of its campuses in a bid to tackle food poverty.

Each of the 15,700 students will be entitled to toast/cereal and a hot drink between 8.15am – 9.15am.

The initiative, in partnership with Peak Scientific, comes as a result of the sharp increase in the cost of living.

As it stands, one in seven young people go without breakfast and 20% of working-age people in Scotland are in food poverty, meaning they are unable to obtain an adequate or nutritious diet due to financial constraints.

The college is hoping the initiative will support the return of students to campus, foster a sense of community, and alleviate financial anxiety.

The scheme has been started in a bid to help tackle food poverty.The scheme has been started in a bid to help tackle food poverty.
The scheme has been started in a bid to help tackle food poverty.

A study by NUS Scotland stated that 35% of students have considered dropping out of further education due to financial difficulties, and around 64% said they experienced mental ill-health as a result of financial pressures.

Jon Vincent, principal and chief executive of Glasgow Clyde College, said: “As the cost of living in the UK continues to rise, the data is showing us that this mounting financial pressure is landing on student shoulders. To alleviate this pressure, the Glasgow Clyde College Breakfast Club initiative aims to have a positive impact on our students’ mental health, physical wellbeing, and academic pursuits.

“We’re delighted to be able to offer this helping hand to our students and would like to extend our gratitude to Peak Scientific, our principal sponsor, who have helped make this ambition a reality.”

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