Glasgow home to fewest people in Scotland earning less than living wage

Glasgow is home to the fewest people in Scotland earning less than the living wage.

The city has the lowest number of employees – 11 per cent – earning less than the living wage compared to a national figure of 21 per cent.

A council report presented to politicians at a committee yesterday said: “Glasgow has the lowest percentage of people recorded as earning less than the living wage at 11.1 per cent against a national figure of 21.2 per cent” according to 2020 to 2021 figures.

The Glasgow Living Wage increased from £9.50 per hour to £9.90 per hour on April 1.

11% are earning under the living wage.

The council has been paying its staff the real living wage and has been encouraging other businesses to follow suit with 400 employers signed up.

A council official described the living wage figures as “heartening” during the meeting and councillor Maureen Burke said it is “good to see” the progress.


Labour councillor Burke said: “I was honoured to be the champion in the first term when I became a councillor and was out talking to businesses so it is good to see that moving on.”

The council report added: “The Glasgow living wage was originally launched in 2009 by Glasgow City Council to tackle in-work poverty focusing on council family staff in the first instance. The move increased the pay of 5,000 of the lowest paid staff across the council family.

“Since then, other employers throughout the city have been encouraged by the council to pay their staff a living wage.”

The report added: “Glasgow’s City Council’s Procurement Strategy also supports the Living Wage through our suppliers and purchased services.

The figures were presented at the Operational Performance and Delivery Scrutiny Committee yesterday as part of a local government benchmarking framework.