Glasgow named among best places in UK to retire - here’s why

Glasgow is one of the best places in the UK to retire, according to new research.

The research, undertaken by Flowercard, looked at various factors for each of the UK’s most populated towns and cities to reveal the best places for retirees.

How was it worked out?

The research looked at the number of local attractions per 100,000 residents - including cafes and parks - the number of recorded crimes, the amount of fitness clubs, the average saving when downsizing and more.

It used these factors to create a score out of ten.

How did Glasgow rank?

Glasgow was ranked as the sixth best place in the UK to retire. It had a better crime record than most of the other locations that made the top 10. It also has more parks.

Plymouth topped the list, followed by Brighton and Hove, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Nottingham.