Govan-Partick bridge: when will it be finished, what will it be called, and why is it being built?

Work on Glasgow’s newest bridge is continuing.

Work is progressing on the construction of the new Govan-Partick bridge, which will create a much-needed link between the Southside and the West End for pedestrians and cyclists.

Work on the bridge started at the beginning of 2022, with Glasgow City Council sharing an update on its progress last week.

But when is the new bridge set to open, where is it, and why is it being built?

Work on the Govan-Partick bridge is progressing.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Govan-Partick bridge.

When will the bridge be open?

Work started on construction of the bridge earlier this year, seven years after plans to build a bridge linking the two communities was first mooted.

The bridge was included in the Glasgow City Region City Deal, with funding from the UK and Scottish governments.

People used to be able to travel between Govan and Partick via the old ferry, which stopped running services in the 1960s.

It was hoped that the bridge would open in 2023, however, there have been reports suggesting it could be early 2024 before we get to make the crossing.

Where is the bridge being built?

The new bridge is being built at Water Row in Govan, near the Old Parish Church, and Pointhouse Quay in Partick, next to the Riverside Museum.

It will be a huge time-saver for folk travelling from the Southside to the West End - at the moment, people making the same journey would have to travel via the Clyde Tunnel or the Millenium Bridge near the SEC, both considerable distances away for people on foot.

The bridge could be finished before the end of 2023.

Why is the bridge being built?

The new pedestrian and cycle bridge will link two communities which have a historic connection.

Explaining the benefits, the council previously stated: “The bridge will be economically, environmentally and socially important as it will create a link between communities, visitor attractions and institutions of national economic importance, and is a key part of the active travel route between the University of Glasgow’s campus at Gilmorehill and the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.”

It also means people in the Southside will find it easier to reach West End highlights - such as Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum and its parks - and vice versa, including the famous Govan Stones.

What will the bridge be called?

At the moment, the bridge is still down as the Govan-Partick bridge.

However, there was a petition earlier in 2022 to have it named after one of Glasgow’s most famous sons - Sir Billy Connolly.

People backing the petition had hoped that it would be called the Big Yin Bridge, after the comedian’s nickname.