Kids at Glasgow nursery to take part in COP26 march

Children at a Glasgow West End nursery will be playing their part in saving the planet, as they take part in a COP26 march this Thursday to raise awareness for climate change within their local community.

<p>Kids at Elie Street Nursery will be marching. </p>

Kids at Elie Street Nursery will be marching.

The pupils have been learning about climate change and sustainability within their environment and will chant “COP26 save our planet” as they march through the streets close to the nursery.

Child development officers at the nursery have engaged the children in many learning experiences about global warming and how they can become responsible citizens when it comes to tackling climate change.

Tricia McKinlay, child development officer, said: “We are working to achieve our Green Flag Award through our Eco Schools Project.

“We have written our own lyrics for a song for the walk ‘The Whole World in Our Hands’ which the children will sing and chant during our march.

“As educators we want this generation to gain more knowledge and understanding about global warming, to be active and to do something about it. We want the children to share the learning with their families, which will, in turn, benefit the local community.”

The nursery recently established an Eco-Group which is focusing on the Global Goals to reuse and recycle as much waste as possible. The children have also been introduced to landfills and how they can help prevent them from being overused.

Tricia added: “We are teaching them about what is happening in the world and want them to share this new information with their families and to promote the message about climate change.”

On Thursday all staff, children and families will participate in the COP26 march.

Nicola McCoy, team leader, added: “The children have developed a good understanding of COP26 and what it is about. I am proud of the way our community has come together to promote links between the environment, society and the economy.

“Go Team Elie!”