Over 10,000 people donate to Glasgow fundraiser for Ukraine in just 3 hours

More than 10,000 people donated to a Glasgow fundraiser for Ukraine in just the first three hours.

itison has partnered with charity Glasgow the Caring City to provide hot meals and emergency aid packs to refugees fleeing Ukraine, following the Russian invasion.

For just £5, people can cover two hot meals and a welfare pack - and, at the time of writing, just over 15,000 people had donated.

How does my donation help?

The fundraiser states: “They (Glasgow the Caring City) will ensure money raised today goes directly to help tomorrow.

A large number of refugees have been fleeing Ukraine after Russia invaded the country. (Credit: Getty)

Money raised will fund requested primary aid from those on the front line of the aid effort in neighbouring countries. What is needed right now are hot meals and essential items.


“Today for only £5 you can make a big difference. Every £5 donation buys two hot meals and an essential hygiene pack containing basic toiletries such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap and sanitary products for fleeing Ukrainians.

“Do something small that can make a big difference.”

How do I donate?

itison and itison venues are donating £20,000 for the first 4000 meals and packs.

You can make a donation on the itison website.