Over 200 complaints made as Greater Pollok consultation starts

A Greater Pollok consultation to help decide future development in the area is underway – with dozens of complaints already pouring in from residents.

People are being asked to have their say on what should be done about an area where the council admits the amount of traffic makes walking challenging or dangerous. Social exclusion and poverty are also described as an urgent priority in the region.

So far there have been more than 200 comments, including complaints about the safety of cycle lanes in Brockburn Road with one person suggesting a bike route should be added to the pavement instead. Another person said the grass islands are overgrown while having their say on an interactive map. However the segregated cycle lane was also welcomed with one resident describing it as“great.”

Glasgow City Chambers - home of Glasgow City Council.

Feedback is being sought so the council can prepare a Greater Pollok Local Development Framework (LDF), which aims to provide structure for future developments.

It will cover Darnley, Parkhouse, South Nitshill, Nitshill, Old Pollok, Priesthill/Househillwood ,Crookston and Silverburn.

Greater Pollok has been chosen for the project for a number of reasons including an opportunity to strengthen Silverburn’s role as “as key town centre and key employer.”


An LDF summary document said the ward was also picked for the project as car dominance in the area makes walking and movement challenging or dangerous, housing and commercial investment is emerging or in the pipeline and social exclusion and poverty remain an urgent priority. In addition the council said there is a strong need to enhance place quality and character.

Commenting on Hill Park of Priesthill, one resident called for “cleaning, maintenance and conversion of a dirty dodgy place into a nice well maintained public green area.”

Leaving a comment about a pedestrian path alongside Brook Burn behind the houses, another person said: “Please this neighbourhood needs an urgent reconversion. It is just disgusting to try to walk or exercise in these streets and pedestrian paths.”

The council said on its website: “We want the people of Greater Pollok to have a real say in what goes into the LDF and any proposals that might emerge from it.”

The LDF is to provide “guidance on developments for public spaces, parks and play areas, housing, shop, business areas, community facilities, transport infrastructure, roads, pavements.”

The closing date for responses is September 9 by 5pm. A draft LDF will then be prepared, which will be shared with the community for comments before a final document gets signed off.


To take part visit: https://greaterpollokldf.commonplace.is/