Pet dragon Beck wants lair in Cumbernauld or Kilsyth

Looking after a dog or cat is one thing –but how many pet owners know how to care for a bearded dragon?

The SSPCA rehoming centre covering Cumbernauld and Kilsyth is currently caring for Beck, who could make an ideal pet for somebody who knows a bit about reptiles.

Centre manager Peter Fleming said, “Beck is a handsome bearded dragon who came into our care through no fault of his own.

“He’s a quiet boy who loves to perch on his tree log and survey his domain.

“Beck has no problem being lifted and handled, making him a joy to look after.

“He likes to feed on morriworms and hoppers and we also give him salad.

“Beck would suit an owner with a knowledge of keeping reptiles as beardies do need special care.”

One of the advantages of a bearded dragon as a pet is that unlike many other animals they are happy living relatively solitary lives and don’t crave the company of their own kind.

On the other hand they have no problem being picked up and handled, and are “sociable” pets where humans are concerned.

Another advantage is that they have none of the potential drawbacks that can be experienced with snakes, and are reckoned suitable as pets for responsible older children.

The lifespan of a bearded dragon is typically around ten years.

Like so many other pets who come into the care of the SSPCA’s rescue and rehoming centre Beck is there through no fault of his own – and could give some new owner many years of pleasure.

If you can offer Beck a new home call the SSPCA’s Lanarkshire rescue and rehoming centre on 03000 999 999.

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