Robroyston Park plagued by 'dangerous quad bikers'

Robroyston ParkRobroyston Park
Robroyston Park
Police officers have been urged to crack down on dangerous quad bikers in Robroyston, and warned it is “only a matter of time before someone gets killed”.

Bikers are racing along paths and in parks where children and pensioners are walking, it has been claimed.

Cllr Martin McElroy is concerned the issue is “not being taken as seriously as it should be” by the police despite hundreds of calls from the public.

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He said riders mostly use Robroyston Park, but also drive on the roads in Barmulloch and Balornock.

Inspector John McCartin said the problem is “taken very seriously” and anyone with information should contact the police.

Cllr McElroy said: “It’s been bad every single year I’ve lived in Robroyston but this year has been phenomenally bad.

“Yet there’s absolutely no impression that there are bike seizures happening, that there are detections happening, that there is any serious strategic work being undertaken to make sure these bikes are either seized or not used inappropriately.

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“My fear is that they are very, very dangerous. They’re going up and down paths and parks where people are with buggies and dogs and pensioners.

“It’s only a matter of time before someone gets killed. Folk have been killed in other parts of the city.”

He said the quad bikers are mostly teenagers, but sometimes adults ride too.

Speaking at a Springburn/Robroyston area partnership meeting, the Labour councillor added he is “very concerned” that community policing, and those answering 101 calls, aren’t doing enough to resolve the issue.

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“I get the impression it’s not being taken as seriously as it should be and it’ll take somebody getting killed.

“You probably hear that all the time,” he said to Inspector McCartin. “But I’ve got a sincere fear, it’s becoming particularly bad in Robroyston Park.”

Inspector McCartin said officers have seized bikes and education work is carried out in schools.

“We can’t chase them in case we get hurt, they get hurt or local members get hurt.

“It’s too dangerous. It’s like a traffic incident.

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"We’ve got to balance detections with the safety of the public.”

He said he had also received correspondence from MSPs about the problem.

Cllr McElroy said the quad bikers are local and “obviously refuelling somewhere”.

Inspector McCartin responded: “You’re talking about intelligence, everyone knows who they are but not everyone is telling the police.

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“That’s why I plead at all these area partnerships and community engagement meetings for people to tell us.

“Everyone assumes that we know where they are. We are intelligence-led, but it isn’t always that we know where they are.”

He urged anyone with information to contact 101, Crimestoppers or their local councillors, adding: “Let us know, we’ll take action on that. I am as worried as you are.”