Royal celebration at Lanark's Castlebank Park

A special event was held in Castlebank Park in Lanark on Friday, both to toast the Queen and the town’s Royal connections.

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The town's own royalty, including two Lanimer Queens, attended the grand unveiling on Friday.
The town's own royalty, including two Lanimer Queens, attended the grand unveiling on Friday.

Working in partnership, Lanark Community Development Trust (LCDT) and the Lanimer Committee unveiled two new benches in the newly developed Labyrinth Garden of Castlebank Park.

Hand-carved from cedar wood by Iain Chalmers of Chainsaw Creations, they will be a lasting monument to the royal family. They were custom-made by Iain, who also created the park’s fairy dell and Wallace statue.

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The first bench was funded by a personal donation from Prince Charles following his visit to Castlebank in 2019 and will be called the Prince of Wales Bench.

Preparing for the big day, the benches were carefully constructed on site.

The donation to LCDT allowed for the redevelopment site, and it was decided that a labyrinth was the best use of the space. With delays due to Covid, the labyrinth was finished in February of this year.

Sylvia Russell, chairwoman of LCDT, said: “it’s great to finally have the site fully redeveloped. It has taken a huge effort from our volunteers and staff at Castlebank to turn the site into another great asset at the park.”

The Queen Elizabeth Platinum Jubilee Bench was funded by contributions from the Lanimer Committee, Lanark Inner Wheel, Lanark Rotary, Lanark Round Table, the Lord Cornets Club and the Guildry of Lanark.

This bench was commissioned to mark Her Majesty the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebration.

Representatives from many organisations in the town, who helped pay for the Queen's bench.

The benches were publicly unveiled at Castlebank Park on Friday with the town’s own royalty in attendance – Lord Cornet Ian Douglas, Lord Cornet elect Derek McGuinness, Lanimer Queen Lacey Holmes and Lanimer Queen elect Caitlin Stewart.

Also there were Kenny Lean, chairman of Lanark’s Lanimer Committee; Inner Wheel chairwoman Loraine Swan, Lanary Rotary chairwoman Jill Murie, Lanark Guildry Dean Mhairi Jamieson and Lanark Round Table chairman Andrew Young.

The ceremony was followed by a tea party at the horticultural centre, much enjoyed by all those who attended the event.

Ready for the reveal, the town toasted Her Majesty's 70th year with a special commemorative bench.
Lifting the massive chunks of cedar wood into place was no mean feat!
Lanark's very own royal party were invited to unveil both benches on Friday.
Fit for a queen, or maybe even three, the bench marks Monarch's 70 years on the throne.