Taxi drivers in Kirkintilloch claim their fares are being taken by firms from Glasgow, South Lanarkshire and North Lanarkshire

A row has broken out amongst rival taxi firms in Kirkintilloch over claims that drivers from other council areas are taking their fares.

The feud started after the recent takeover of a well-known firm in the area (who we have chosen not to name), with drivers from other firms saying they have seen a slump in their trade as a result .

One raging driver told us: “It's a huge issue for us and the majority of drivers aren't happy.”

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He claims the newly-owned firm have taken on so much business that they can't cope, leading them to calling in favours from Glasgow, South Lanarkshire and North Lanarkshire taxi firms.

Whilst it's not illegal for taxi firms to pick-up or drop-off fares in neighbouring council areas, it is against the rules to trade there exclusively.

As per the Civic Government (S) Act 1982, a taxi driver cannot go to a neighbouring authority and carry out fares.

That means, for instance, a driver with a Glasgow City Council badge could not pick-up and drop-off the same fare in East Dunbartonshire or any other council area – the journey must at least start or end in the Glasgow area.

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East Dunbartonshire Council say they are aware of the complaints, but say they are not investigating the matter.

A council spokeswoman told The Herald: “We are aware of such complaints from other taxi firms in Kirkintilloch.

“We have not, however, been provided with or seen evidence that supports these allegations.